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We're in this together. 

Brewing a Better World: Why We Support Mental Health Charities at PROOF Coffee Roasters
Jeff Sale founder and CEO of PROOF Coffee Roasters

Jeffrey Sale, Founder & CEO
PROOF Coffee Roasters

       This may seem like an abrupt way to begin, and indeed it probably is: In 2018, my sister-in-law Brittany Belland died by suicide.  A vibrant, talented, aspiring young actress, Britt had been vocal about her struggle with mental illness with friends and family, on social media, and even through a one-woman show that she wrote, produced, and performed in Los Angeles (with proceeds donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention). 

Britt chose to speak out about her illness in an effort to raise awareness, to normalize her experience, and to give hope to others suffering in silence.  Raising awareness is necessary to help individuals recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, and to allow for understanding that seeking help is a sign of strength. Efforts toward breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness is a core mission for PROOF Coffee Roasters, and is a critical step towards creating a more supportive and inclusive society.

Were Britt with us today, she would be overjoyed to see the progress made by mental health initiatives in the U.S. and how the conversation around mental health is not only no longer completely taboo, but is in fact beginning to become mainstream and accepted across the board.

Yet there's still so much to be done.

That's why PROOF Coffee Roasters proudly donates 5% of proceeds to charity for mental health.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevension AFSP PROOF Coffee Roasters donates 5% to charity
national alliance on mental illness NAMI PROOF Coffee Roasters donates 5% to charity
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