small events & drop-ofF

For your smaller gatherings, our coffee travelers are the perfect option. Each traveler contains around 12 cups, and is delivered within minutes of being brewed. Includes all accoutrement such as cups, sweeteners, and milks.  We even deliver all throughout the city, so just get in touch!

large events & on-site

Wow your guests with our espresso bar staffed by PROOF's top tier baristas. Lattes, cappuccinos, or just straight up -- people will love choosing what to drink. We offer a variety of milks including premium non-dairy such as almond, macadamia, soy, and oat.

iced drinks & cold brew

Cold brew coffee is all the rage, and ours really is the best. Serve it alongside our hot coffee and espresso, or by itself. Each growler bottle contains 64oz of sweet syrupy cold brew. Cups, milk and sugar included. We also offer other cold drinks such as sodas, juices, and sparkling or flavored waters.

food, pastries, snacks, & more

Whether your event is small or large, treat your guests to our best in class delicious food, pastries, and snacks. We have an assortment of croissants, muffins, doughnuts, and macarons, and countless savory items like empanadas, feta & tomato turnovers, ham & cheese croissants, and healthy, hearty sandwiches and wraps.

so many options.  such seamless service.

what our clients  are raving about.

Your coffee is fabulous, your food is delicious, and your baristas are personable and professional!  Extremely happy with everything!


Your Espresso Bar and SHEIN latte stencil were the most incredible addition to our pop-up!  We can't thank you enough! 


Get in touch to learn how we can provide the best value and unmatched service to make your next event a stress-free, seamless, and memorable experience.

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