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What a partnership with PROOF means.

Highest quality product.
Flexible ordering.

Fresh, organic coffees are delivered to you immediately upon being roasted.

Order as-you-need, or place standing orders that we'll tailor on a continuous basis to ensure you don't over-buy.

Cost conscious.

Rest easy; we know what it's like running or starting a small business. We'll work with you to develop an affordable strategy.

A true partnership.

Our company founder, leaders, coffee experts, and industry strategists are at your disposal to help you at every stage of your entrepreneurial way.

Mechanical & technical support.

Opt to lease or purchase best-in-class equipment from us at wholesale. Or if you have your own, we're happy to help provide maintenance services. 

Trust and respect.

Forming a partnership with PROOF is not only about great coffee - it's about great relationships, and tackling the whole endeavor together.

We'll make your dreams come true.

At PROOF, we're on a mission to provide exceptional coffee (and deep industry knowledge) through powerful relationships with our wholesale customers and partners. Almost always, not knowing what you don't know is the most daunting (and most expensive) challenge between 'where you are now'  and 'a productive journey through the creation and deployment of a highly successful coffee program'.


We have you covered no matter where you are on that journey.


We excel in consulting on or assisting with conceptualization, ideation, and strategy; identifying all the right equipment for your specific plans or goals; advising on layout, plumbing, electric, and other logistics; offering for sale (or lease) virtually every make and model of coffee-related equipment on the market; training and educating staff and teams; oh, and roasting and selling some of the best coffee in the business -- our wholesale customers tend to agree.


We offer private label / white label, as well as a number of other outside-the-box specialty services.  Just ask.

Let's talk about our relationship. 

Thanks! We'll reach out to you soon.

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